Celebrating Patagonia 150

We're joining the celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of Welsh settlement in Argentina, in Patagonia. As a young label, one of our key early releases was Celtica Latina by TV star, singer and songwriter René Griffiths, who was born of Welsh ancestors in Patagonia.

In Celtica Latina, Griffiths combined his musical backgrounds, inspirations and languages from Wales and South America. Featuring on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction and BBC World Service World of Music, the album helped Griffiths cement his name as the quintessential Welsh-Patagonian musician.

"The music style is a Patagonian hybrid of Latin Argentine rhythms with Celtic traditional melodies. The CD includes some well-known traditional songs, along with original compositions written by Griffiths, which demonstrate a rich poetic vocabulary in Spanish and Welsh."
Western Mail

"Welsh traditional music cross-fertilised with Argentine rhythms... his music reflects his twin cultural heritage"
BBC Radio 3 Late Junction

Read more about Griffiths' life in his autobiography, Ramblings of a Patagonian.